Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

>>It's Not Goodbye<<

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What I Wore :
White Lacey Top : Pasar Senen Rp. 5.000 (less than $1)
Sleeveless Green Shirts : Pasar Senen Rp. 2.000 (less than $1)
Denim Skirt : Pasar Senen Rp. 7.500 (less than $1)
Tights : Unbranded
Mary-Jane Wooden Heels : Wimo at Centro

Anyway, today I just had the best "last day in the office" ever...!!

It's really an honor for me to work with such a great teamwork like you guys!!
Especially for Mba Sari, thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you, it's always so amazing.

Yes, I will miss you all a loooooot, dear HelloToTheWorld!!
Stay in contact with me okay!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

>>Counting Down<<

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What I Wore :
Sequined Shoulder Top : Diana Rikasari for Bloop Endorse
Leopard Printed Pants : Pasar Senen Rp. 10.000 ($1)
Leather Wooden Heels : Wimo at Metro

Another year has passed and I bet each of us are counting down the days to the upcoming brand new year. The calendar page will soon be turning to 2010.
Have you guys made your own new year resolutions yet ?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

>>Guilty Pleasures<<

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What I Wore :
Printed Sleeveless Top : Pasar Senen Rp.1.000 (less than $1)
Outerwear : Pasar Baroe Rp.10.000 ($1)
Zippered Shorts : Bloop
Tights : Unbranded
Yellow Patent Flats : Charles & Keith

By the way, it's a candid photo taken by my lalaluv, while me and my mom were enjoying one of our own "guilty pleasures".
Mine - Cheesecake Fantasy from Cold Stone Creamery
My mom's - Hazelnut Cinnamon Rolls from Saint Cinnamon,

Best of all, they taste amazing!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

>>Does Anyone Know?<<

She's truly one of my fashion icon.

Can you guess who she is?

source : tfs

>>Tonight is Christmas Eve<<

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.
(Charles Dickens)

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What I Wore :
Oversize Top : Pasar Senen Rp.2.000 (less than $1)
Misty Outerwear : Ceil at Centro
Stripes Purple Leggings : Kemang Fest 2009 Rp.25.000 (about $3)
Layered Silver Necklace : Forever21
Lace-Up Sandals : Fashion Maverick for Shoebites

Have yourself the very best Christmas Eve!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

>>The Bloggers Meeting<<

Yesterday, there was a 2nd bloggers meeting, which happened to be the 1st meeting for me. And I must say, the meeting appeared to be totally a blast. I guess you can see it from the pics below.
It was held at Pastis (Kuningan Suites)

Taking a lot of photos is a must for us,

and of course the chit-chats, so we could get to know each other,

lastly, this is what I wore :
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Longer Back Tee Black : NN:02
Long Outerwear : Pasar Senen Rp.5.000 (less than $1)
Skinny Jeans : Chic Simple at Centro
Navy Wedges : Amante at Centro

Thanks so much for inviting me to the meeting !!
It was really glad to meet you all.