Sunday, July 31, 2011


ph: ssense

beautiful pumps! the kind you plan your whole outfit around ♥
get them HERE or HERE.

London photo diary

londen 042
londen 124
londen 055
londen 018
londen 053n
londen 228
londen 198
londen 203
londen 227
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londen 182
londen 175
londen 167
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londen 155
londen 147
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londen 115
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londen 010
It's official, I love London!! I hadn’t been to this amazing city for a while now and it was so nice that I had the opportunity to explore it with my boyfriend Jordy for a few days..
It was amazing! My favorites were Hyde Park and Brick Lane with the Old Spitalfields market (Vintage, curry and people were actually ballroom dancing), Oxford Circus Topshop, Museum of National History and the Victoria and Albert museam of art & design (what a beautiful building and it was open till 9 pm and there were dj's and drinks).

BTW, what do you think about my new haircolor? It's chocolate brown and I have cut my bangs again..

Friday, July 29, 2011


candice lake | streetfsn

caroline brasch nielsen has great personal style! i mean remember this look?!
ha! just realized i posted that one exactly a year ago tomorrow!
wonder what she'll have in store next july ♥

Thursday, July 28, 2011


my picks for this week's top blogger looks are now up on FASHION SALADE!
if you have any cool personal style blogs you'd like me to check out- let me know!



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i was just browsing through THREADSENCE- i died + went to shorts heaven ♥
such a great selection. of course i went straight for the striped ones!
ooo + their behind the scenes video is adorable. i wish i could live in it... check it out HERE.


elle ukraine

★ want even more style inspiration? check out my posts on the WHOWHATWEAR blog!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


1. Enza Costa Hi Low Tee
2. Gucci Mirror Sunglasses
3. Alexander Wang Quillon Compact Wallet
4. Arquitectura Emocion foxtail keychain
5. Markus Lupfer Tweed Shorts
6. Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in Happy Birthday
7. Giuseppe Zanotti Open Toe Cutout Wedge Booties

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


trendy crew

christine centenera always has the best pieces!
at first you may think it's just a black sweater + skirt, but when you really take a closer
look they really are such lovely designs. it's that kind of quality that speaks volumes to me.
now if only i could get a better look a that gold peek-a-booing around her neck!


ph: my own

as some of you you may remember from my last glasses post, i had been asked to be a LENSCRAFTERS ambassador + was invited to one of their stores here in NYC! when i arrived,
i had a quick eye exam where i got to see 3D images of my eyes- i'm a nerd + loved it!
i then had a fabulous time checking out their amazing selection ♥

the best part of my visit, was finding out that they could turn any sunglasses into regular glasses by switching the dark lenses with your clear prescription! this opened up a whole new world of options + i ended up with a whole tray of sunnies to consider. my top choice ended up being some gorgeous thick-framed ombré PRADA sunglasses that were turned into regular glasses for me.
they were then fitted perfectly to my face with LENSCRAFTERS ACCUFIT system, which was a godsend since one of my ears is a little higher that the other lol.

anyway, i had a great time + needless to say, i ♥ my new glasses!

ps- if you're looking for a pair, now is the perfect time to shop the semi-annual lens event!

Mustard & Lace

onlyuggs 225

onlyuggs 167

onlyuggs 244

onlyuggs 241

onlyuggs 147

onlyuggs 160

onlyuggs 264n
My look of the day. I am wearing a vintage skirt, H&M top, ASOS boots, vintage chanel bag, vintage Moschino belt and a Topshop jacket.
I am going to London now for 4 days!! I hope I have decent internet in my hotel room so I can give you some updates of my trip! Or else I will be seeing you in 4 days and you will get the overload of pictures after!