Saturday, January 31, 2009

>> Watchful << Heidy

Hey hey..check out for one of Spring 2009 Trend Reports (according to !!

Yes.. I'm talking about "Trash and Vaudeville" trend!! Truly some brand new inspirations for me!!!...

Monday, January 26, 2009

>> Balmain is my man!!! << Heidy

Today I went out with my mom and my bf (as always..!!! hehehe!!!) and I don’t know why I wasn’t in the mood to dress up. But suddenly (it kinda popped-up in my mind), I remember some of Balmain’s Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear collections and it inspired me towards my today’s outfit (of course mix with my new acid wash jeans which created by my maid..ahahaha..thanks Gu!!!).

Yeahhh….Balmain is man!!!!

What I Wore :

Crème Outerwear : Pasar Senen Rp. 1.000 (super less than $1)
Printed Sleeveless : Pasar Gedebage Rp. 5.000 (less than $1)
Acid wash jeans : Custom made
Briefcase Bag : Inheritance from my mom
White Lacey Printed Bangles : Gift from my besty!! (thanks so much dear Deste!!..hoho)
More bracelets : from random stores
Fringe Moccasins : Custom made

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

>>Expressive 23 << Heidy

Hello 23!!!!

Thanks to Jesus Christ for this brand new age!!..hohohoho!!!

Last not but least!!

this is my greatest Fashion Wishlist in this brand new age:

" More encourage myself to dress to EXPRESS NOT TO impress !!! "


Sunday, January 18, 2009

>>Blossom<< Heidy

"Life is happy!!!"

What I Wore :

Oversize Jeans Shirts : Pasar Senen Rp.10.000 (about $1)
Black Printed Sleeveless : Pasar Gedebage Rp. 12.500 (about $1)
Dark Purple Corduroy Skinny Pants : Pasar Gedebage Rp.10.000 (about $1)
Briefcase Bag : Inheritance from my mom (as in last posting!!..hoho)
Fringed Boots : ZARA
And more bracelets..

Saturday, January 3, 2009

>> Definitely Her << Heidy

Meet another “Fashion Mother of All Time” according to myself, Giovanna Battaglia, Fashion Editor of Italian VOGUE. Besides her great sense of fashion, I also really admire her fashion styling, which you all can see at her web (that already in my 'signature inspirations' links). In my opinion they are truly masterpiece.

Her style, her job, and her sense of styling are inspirations for me. If one day someone asked me who my fashion hero is, I would definitely say Giovanna Battaglia!!..hoho!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

>>Super Happy Homey Time << Heidy

I spent today staying at home, which I’ve been wishing for..hoho!!!
And one think that made my homey time is that I just found another hidden treasure at my home!! And as usual, I always found it in my lovely mom’s closet!!!
The hidden treasure itself is a BRIEFCASE BAG, which happened to be a kind of bag that I’ve been drooling for since I saw last October!!
Oooohh lala.. I SUPER DUPER HEART MY MOM and all of her INHERITANCES!!! And now..I just can’t wait to wear my new "hidden treasure"!!! ahahaha!!!

>> Awww-mazin' << Heidy’s always a superb moment to me when I met with my two aww-mazing ginches, Anggin & Alda!!!! ahahaha!!!!

Btw… HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!! Wish you all the best thru this year!!!.. hohohoho!!!

Today’s outfits:
Printed See-Thru Shirts : Pasar Senen Rp.10.000 (about $1)
Loose Top : Pusdai Friday Market Rp. 5.000 (less than $1)
Skinny Jeans : “Blast from the past” Garage Sale
Wayfarer Glasses : Borrowed from Anggin, only for takin' pictures..thanks dear..hohoho!!
Ethnic Necklace : Jl. Surabaya
Tote Bag : Inheritance from my Mum
Mid-Boots : Belle @ Mitchybelle