Monday, August 1, 2011

Striped love

hoed 166

hoed 064

hoed 144

hoed 060

hoed 106

hoed 158
Well, I am back from London and I need some rest from all of the walking/ sightseeing I did over there. London is wonderful but there are so many things you want to see in 2 days, I have blisters all over my feet now :) Tomorrow it is the start of the `real` summer in Holland, it's going to be 27 degrees! Yeah, I am so looking forward to spending a day at the beach doing absolutely nothing! Hope you have nice weather too!

This my look of the day: the dress is and shoes are from an amazing webshop Loveclothing you should definitely check out, they have amazing items! The hat is from Newyorker and the socks are from ASOS.

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