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Last night New Yorker Lana Del Rey (real name Lizzy Grant) popped up on Later with Jools Holland on BBC2. Eagle-eyed readers will note that we recently blogged about her song Video Games being the tune of London Fashion Week.

The final verse of Video Games

It's you, it's you, it's all for you
Everything I do
Tell you all the time
Heaven is a place on earth wit' you
Tell me all the things you wanna do do
I heard that you like the bad girls
Honey, is that true?

To say 26-year-old Lana was mesmerising, and the song Video Games even more haunting sung live would be not doing this TV moment justice. She was utterly UTTERLY captivating, and Lana looks like the naughty jazz-singer sister of Natalie Portman. She is better in moving image, though.


From I think this person looks like Pixie Lott...can it really be Lana?
However, it seems my reaction to Lana/Lizzy is exactly what her management team are hoping for from journalists and bloggers. Her backstory suggests she is an "internet phenomenon" who "made her videos at home, and they just, like, took off all on their own." Well, dur me. According to this article on, she is as manufactured as Rhythmix (X Factor UK girl band), but designed to look un-manufactured.  Apparently she was being marketed in the same vein as a Pixie Lott type character, until her lack of success forced a rethink - hence here she is as an indie cool chick who doesn't give a F***.

Why do music companies bother with all the smoke and mirrors? Fashion businesses often update their packaging and brand image to no detriment and without backlash, in fact it is seen as a positive forward-thinking move. Lana as she is now is a brilliant package and all power to her. BUT if any of her management team are reading this, please note I would very much like to see her better dressed. As one person on Twitter pointed out this morning, she looked like Slutty Nurse on Jools. Christopher Kane's Spring/Summer 2012 collction would be perfect for her. After all Video Games serenaded this very collection on the runway, and really, his kooky sexiness would suit her to a tee.

Christopher Kane SS12 - Lana, this is perfect for you. And we'll let you keep your Ragga Girl nails

Christopher Kane SS12 (photos: Catwalking)

Video Games is released Sunday 16th October, but you can download it from US iTunes now.

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