Monday, December 5, 2011


Posted by Bethan Holt, Fashion Junior at Large

Snowman jumper £50 from TopShop
 Not so long ago, The Christmas Jumper was little more than the attire worn by the most embarrassing middle aged male at your family gathering on 25th December. It was definitely not Fashion. But now thanks to a heady mixture of irony and nostalgia, as well as The Killing, Colin Firth and Raf Simons, The Christmas Jumper has become one of the most lusted after winter pieces. The more nerdy your knit, the cooler you are. Naturally, Topshop have got in on the act. Their selection feature penguins, reindeer and, our favourite, snowmen. Luckily, the knit is a bit finer and the look a little more refined that a truly70s itchfest.

Today's chosen quote comes from the FashEd's favourite Christmas jumper wearer, Val Doonican. He strikes me as being quite representative of the original embarrassing bloke types, especially given the one and only quote which is attributed to him. Read it imagining a red faced, guffawing, beer-bellied,  sherry drinker and you'll realise how far the humble festive jumper has come...

'Golf is like an 18-year-old girl with big boobs. You know it's wrong but you can't keep away from her'

And we couldn't have a snowman jumper POST without providing you with Howard Blake's Walking in the Air from The Snowman. 

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