Wednesday, December 14, 2011


le 21ème arrondissement -- Mija Knežević Mij-A-Porter street style olive green cable knit sweater satin lapel navy zipper layered coat grey gray shorts celine off white cream bag black tights winter shorts
le 21ème arrondissement

How amaze is Mija Knežević?! I LOVE looks like these. You can just see the quality in all she is wearing- all the way down to her Céline bag + what looks to be Gaia Repossi ring (swoon!).
I can only imagine what the rest of her wardrobe is like. Must be a dream! Anyone able to i.d. her coat? Of course- it's Céline! >> Thanks Olive + Mija!

ps- You can check out more of Mija's amazingness >> here!

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