Thursday, December 8, 2011


Posted by Fashion Junior at Large
Valorie Glitter Clutch- £350 at Matches

The FashEd and I were stopped in our tracks today as we browsed in Matches and were bedazzled by this Anya Hindmarch festive clutch. Anya does have a knack of creating these need-it-now accessories. She seems to consistently be able to produce a new purse or trinket or bag which the  ladies who love her will keep coming back for, even if it's only a slight tweak on what came before. Basically, we see this bag and we think 'That will be just the cherry I need on my sartorial christmas cake'. 

And we can't show you red glitter without bringing in The Wizard of Oz... How tragic is this quote from Tinman?

'Now I know I have a heart, because it's breaking' Tinman in Wizard of Oz

And Judy Garland as Dorothy fighting with The Wicked Witch over the original red glitter accessory.....

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