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Shoppers, Shoppers EVERYWHERE (IMAGE
In this week's Grazia, we take a look at the Shopper bag madness gripping the nation- we can barely walk ten paces without seeing another take on the super-practical bag of the moment, even if it's name is rather ironic given the current economic panic gripping Europe. After we went to press, we saw a tonne more we would have loved to include. As you can see, there is one for pretty much every mood, style and budget....

Marc by Marc Jacobs £60

A.P.C £335
Denham £170
 The ultimate purveyor of the shopper (and the one who began the whole thing) is Celine. While the first Celine version may have been super sleek and black, now they are branching out with bright colours and, dare we say this in association with anything Phoebe Philo, FUN textures, as demonstrated in the brown carpet-y version below.

The Celine Cabas £1,880

The Celine Cabas £1,880

Topshop can always be relied upon to bring us many a version of a trend; in the past week they have had a big drop of all kinds of shopper styles which are a little more justifiable than a Celine blow-out. I love the autumnal colourways of the two below,perfect for merrily swinging as you crunch your way through the leaves underfoot. 
Topshop £46

Topshop £32

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